The growing trend for self-service goes beyond viewing and paying a bill – customers now demand more control over all their account functions such as ordering and changing services, analyzing their usage and spending trends, and online shopping for devices and accessories which complement their services.

ENABIL’s Self-Care solution is a modern, robust application that meets the expectations of today’s connected customers and empowers end customers to self-manage their own accounts. Our software solution also enables Service Providers to promote their brand online as well as on hand-held devices.

By leveraging the same technology used in ENABIL Customer Experience Manager (CEM), ENABIL offers a self-care experience which is easy to navigate for the most novice users while still supporting the complex business workflows required by our clients to ensure complete and accurate orders. Our web-based, fully extendible product offers a level of control and information accessibility that provides an exceptionally rich experience for your customers.

Next Gen Customer Journey

ENABIL Self-Care takes the customer journey to the next level. Self-Care is elevated from electronic bill presentment to complete account and service management from anywhere, at any time. Give your customers the convenience of end to end customer service on their own terms and schedule. Moving customers online for high value transactions, turns your self-service portal into a productivity tool with immediate business benefits.

Modern Robust GUI

Our state of the art Self-Care solution is built upon the latest web technology and is optimized to run on multiple delivery platforms including mobile devices. The entire application footprint caters to a truly interactive, rich, immersive experience, providing context-level feedback as the user performs functions.

Personalized Dashboard

Reduce inbound calls to your contact center by giving customers answers to repetitive, low value calls accessed through a user-friendly self-care dashboard. The key entry point for account management is our innovative dashboard based on the 80/20 rule. The dashboard presents key customer account and service data including unbilled usage graphs, current wallet/balance information and recent A/R activities as soon as the customer logs in. Customers are able to perform regular high-volume tasks such as balance enquiries, pay my bill and check usage directly from their account dashboard.

Intuitive Layout

ENABIL Self-Care’s menu layout allows the customer to navigate through the available functionality with ease, and without ever getting lost or stuck. The navigation menu remains on the page at all times, regardless of where a customer finds themselves and breadcrumbs appear at the top of each panel to show a customer how they got to where they are. Navigation menus are automatically hidden when not in use on the mobile view but are always accessible in order to optimize the site for smaller screen sizes.


ENABIL Self-Care is pre-configured for many lines of business, such as Wireless, Wireline, Broadband/Internet, TV, Energy and other subscription services. If your line of business requires configuration, the setup of new service offerings is simple and efficient.

Functional Capabilities

ENABIL Self-Care is a complete, out-of-the-box (OOB), end-to-end product and supports numerous features, such as:

Flexible Delivery Options

ENABIL Self-Care can be licensed and hosted on your premises or be delivered as a cloud-based managed service.

ENABIL provides the proven technology and systems, best-in-class business processes, implementation expertise and support services – all backed by experienced people – for a total business solution. These advantages, combined with our long-term investments in technology and financial strength, provide our customers with a complete package of dependable cloud based managed services.

All ENABIL customers are provided with a unique release incorporating standard modules as well as configured capabilities specific to their business. ENABIL deploys the core OOB functionality along with ENABIL’s deployment enhancements. Adherence to an OOB deployment is critical for three reasons:

As an organization, ENABIL has more than 25 years of experience serving the Customer and Revenue Management needs of a growing roster of industry-leading Communication Service Providers. With strong financial backing and an extensive community of customers, ENABIL will continue to be a leader of Customer and Revenue Management solutions offered as a cloud-based managed service.