Real-Time Mediation & Charging

Mediation and Charging must go beyond today’s standards to provide correlations for IP based products and telecommunication services. Networks are continuing to evolve towards a hybrid mix of technologies while customer demand drives new products and services. The convergence of multiple lines of business require adaptive solutions that can accept usage data from almost any medium.

ENABIL has developed proven solutions which excel in Active (real-time) and Passive (batch-processing) mediation, collected from a wide array of switches and network elements.

The scalability and flexibility of our solution is demonstrated through our capability to handle subscriber volumes from as low as 10,000 to beyond 1 million. Our solution can grow with your business and support new services as they are launched. You can attain maximum value from your new and legacy network technologies plus non-Telco lines of business by having them all supported on one mediation platform.

Mediation Framework

Our integrated platform delivers effective mediation and correlation to handle any network, product or service without having to adapt to source networks. Using a business-rules driven architecture, we unify multiple voice and data usage formats from legacy network infrastructures, IP and next-generation networks including 4G UMTS, HSPA and LTE. Multi-mode processing efficiently processes load volumes. Scalable performance is attained through multi-threading. This distributed architecture ensures high availability and incorporates the industry X.509 security standard.

Mediation Framework Features:

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Real-time Charging

Active charging provides flexibility in real-time verification, charging and delivery of event, duration, volume or click data regardless of network source or payment method type. ENABIL provides best-in-class online charging and control for any network type; GSM, DCMA, or LTE. ENABIL provides state-of-the-art SS7, IP network and control, and real time charging for multi-service networks. Sophisticated data charging features provide bill-shock prevention and complete control of the subscriber experience. Our easy to use interface allows users to create attractive offers and support for various business models including advance pay, rechargeable, postpaid, prepaid, as well as Machine-to-Machine (M2M).

Real-time Charging Features:

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