Mobile Business Analytics

Business analytics is comprised of solutions used to build analysis models and simulations to create scenarios, understand realities and predict future states. Business analytics includes data mining, predictive analytics, applied analytics and statistics, and is delivered as an application suitable for a business user. These analytics solutions often come with prebuilt industry content that is targeted at an industry business process. (Source: Gartner)

As the speed of business today continues to accelerate, individuals need access to data that is specifically relevant to them, in Real Time. Executives are clamoring for up to date business performance metrics while consumers need to know usage attributes related to their current plan. With the proliferation of smart phones executives and consumers now have the ability to access relevant information anywhere at any time using the ENABIL FLASH. The Executive FLASH provides service provider executives with real time access to critical business metrics instantly including detailed subscriber and financial data along with trending analysis. The Consumer FLASH provides the individual subscriber with real time access to all the resources they have consumed.

Executive FLASH

Executive FLASH

Instant, Mobile Access to Business Analytics

Finally you can get to all of your critical reports and data with the Executive FLASH. Whether you’re on the road, in a meeting, or at home late at night, the Executive FLASH provides real time data on critical business metrics in the palm of your hand.

Exactly what you need, when you need it

The Executive FLASH provides real time subscriber metrics and churn analysis along with up to the minute financial data and trending analysis such that executives and key stakeholders can know exactly how the business is performing at any given time.

Be More Productive

The Executive FLASH can make any spare moment a productive moment. How many new subscribers were added today? How much revenue have we billed this month? Based on real time data executives need not wait until a report is run or until they are in front of their desktop in order to start making important business decisions.


Consumer FLASH

Today’s mobile consumer is faced with numerous decisions regarding their mobile service, many of which they are ill equipped to deal with. Unless the carrier is offering their customers truly unlimited services, the plans offered by most carriers typically have thresholds for minutes, text messages and data usage. But how does the average consumer easily know when they are approaching a critical threshold that may trigger additional usage fees? Does the average consumer even appreciate how much data is consumed reading an email or by surfing various websites? With ENABIL’s Consumer FLASH, customers have real time access to their usage statistics.

Consumer FLASH

Consumption Data at your fingertips

Consumers now have a mobile application at their fingertips that they can leverage in order to determine exactly what services they have consumed as it relates to their plan. Consumers can monitor their usage across all their plan elements in order to ensure that they do not exceed various thresholds and incur costly additional charges.

Self-care made easy

Both Consumers and Communication Service Providers benefit from an easy to use and powerful mobile self-care application. Consumers can get timely answers to critical questions about their services while carriers can provide a self-care portal to easily provide answers without the use of high cost overhead.

Extendable Platform

The Consumer FLASH app provides easy access to consumption data while providing a platform that can be easily extended or enhanced in order to provide incremental self-care functionality.