Customer and Revenue Management Software

Telecommunication Service providers continue to face significant challenges in every facet of their business: competition is fierce from local providers, large multi-national companies, as well as nimble start-ups. The pressures on customer retention and profit margins have never been greater.

As a leading provider of customer and revenue management solutions for communication service providers, ENABIL Solutions is committed to helping service providers adapt and tackle the key business objectives of maximizing customer value, enhancing business agility, and maximizing profitability.

Figure 1 illustrates the ENABIL Customer and Revenue Management Platform.


A Single Platform for any business

ENABIL Customer and Revenue Management provides flexible, scalable and robust rating, discounting and billing. ENABIL supports multiple service types, brands, product offerings, hierarchies and bundles within a single solution. IP devices, wireless devices, satellite devices and traditional wireline services can all be managed from within a single environment, therefore greatly reducing the overall administration and complexity of Customer and Revenue Management and making ENABIL the ideal solution.

Revenue can be captured from any method of generation: such as wireless, broadband, media and cable. The ENABIL Customer and Revenue Management Platform can scale from entry level and start-up businesses to the world’s largest tier one carriers.

Creative Revenue Generation

Our Revenue Generation enables service providers to increase customer value and generate revenue potential through competitive pricing strategies and rapid delivery of new service offerings to customers. Employing real-time access to customer data and the ability to easily create innovative offerings, service providers can respond quickly to changing market conditions to ensure they retain their most profitable customers.

The ENABIL Customer and Revenue Management Platform empowers service providers to respond to market pressures and increase customer retention.

Integration ease

The ENABIL Customer and Revenue Management Platform was developed using a scalable, flexible, and highly available architecture that delivers open API’s and integration with other industry-leading applications. ENABIL facilitates integration to third-party applications such as CRM through the use of the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Manager, Web Services Manager, and the application API’s.

As a result, ENABIL Customer and Revenue Management has the ability to easily mediate, rate and treat usage from multiple lines of business within a single solution. Rolling out additional lines of business and applying convergent logic such as bundling is made simple and repeatable — thereby affording service providers with a demonstrable competitive advantage.

Functional Capabilities

The ENABIL Platform is a complete, out of the box, end-to-end Customer and Revenue Management solution, providing complete, turnkey functional capabilities in the following areas:

Flexible Delivery Options

The ENABIL Customer and Revenue Management platform can be licensed and deployed on your premises or the solution can be delivered as a cloud based managed service.

ENABIL provides the proven technology and systems, best-in-class business processes, implementation expertise and support services – all backed by experienced people – for a total business solution. These advantages, combined with our long-term investments in technology and financial strength, provide our customers with a complete package of dependable Cloud-Based Managed Services.

All ENABIL customers are provided with a unique release incorporating standard modules as well as configured capabilities specific to their business. ENABIL deploys the core “Out-of-the-box” (OOB) functionality along with ENABIL’s deployment enhancements.  Adherence to an OOB deployment is critical for three reasons:

Incremental functionality and unique integrations are added to each deployment making the deployed solution specific to you.

As an organization, ENABIL has more than 25 years of experience serving the Customer and Revenue Management needs of a growing roster of industry-leading Communication Service Providers. With strong financial backing and an extensive community of customers, ENABIL will continue to be a leader of Customer and Revenue Management solutions offered as a cloud based managed service.