Convergent Charging and Billing System

Today’s challenges for CSP’s

The pace of change in today’s wireless marketplace shows absolutely no signs of slowing down which presents Communication Service Providers (CSP’s) with a plethora of new and complex challenges. The speed at which carriers can respond to the demands brought forth by new consumer demands and changes in network technology will separate winners from losers.

A litany of challenges face all CSP’s in today’s fast paced environment:

As carriers try to adapt to this new wireless landscape they are trying to do so with disparate systems for the delivery of postpaid and prepaid solutions. In order to keep pace with the changes in the wireless industry, carriers must implement a convergent charging infrastructure or risk relegation in the minds of the consumer.

How do CSP’s respond?

First, it is imperative for CSP’s to attract, retain and influence subscribers in order to increase revenues and decrease costs. Perhaps an obvious statement but there are clearly numerous imperatives for CSP’s:

Introducing ENABIL’s Convergent Charging Center of Excellence

ENABIL has built the Convergent Charging Center of Excellence based upon Oracle Communications suite of products. Oracle’s vision is to provide CSP’s with a standards-based, future proof solution that offers highly flexible, real-time capabilities without proprietary lock-in. The Oracle Communications solution will enable service providers to:

ENABIL introduced the Center of Excellence in order to pre-integrate the end-to-end solution which has a number of new solution components. The emergence of these new Oracle technologies materially changed the architecture of Oracle’s core BSS system – BRM. Those elements include The Oracle Pricing Design Center, the Elastic Charging Engine and Oracle Network Charging and Control all of which require Oracle BRM version 7.5.


Along with ENABIL usability extensions such as the Consumer FLASH which allows subscribers to view their account balances across their various services and top up their balances in real time, the Oracle Center of Excellence Lab demonstrates the flexibility and breadth of the Oracle Convergent Charging solution.

The Convergent Charging Center of Excellence is where ENABIL works with clients to model convergent charging solutions. The Center of Excellence Lab is the focal point for proof of concept and benchmarking the out-of-the box solution.

With the help of the dedicated ENABIL team CSP’s can incubate solutions that attract, retain and influence subscribers in order to increase revenues and decrease costs through the creation of convergent models. Once these new solutions have been modeled, proven and fine-tuned, the ENABIL team can leverage our deployment methodologies to quickly and efficiently deliver the new products, services as well as the entire convergent charging solution.

Real World case study: MTS

Long time ENABIL customer Manitoba Telecom Services (MTS) needed a next generation convergent Customer and Revenue Management solution that would become the platform of the future for all their consumer lines of business. After selecting Oracle’s Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) application to integrate with Siebel for order management and customer care, ENABIL was selected to complete the implementation and provide the necessary systems integration. The Oracle BRM solution – version 7.4 went live the fall of 2012.

With intense competition for new subscribers and pressure to monetize recent network investments MTS needed to quickly evolve the new solution by deploying a truly convergent charging solution. Utilizing the Center’s capabilities for solution design, development, migration and testing, MTS will be able to create a new environment whereby complex products can be introduced quickly and charged in real time once in production. The extensive project involves two significant steps:

  1. Upgrade the existing 7.4 version of BRM to version 7.5
  2. Upon completing the upgrade, MTS will then migrate to the Oracle Pricing Design Center (PDC) and implement the Oracle Elastic Charging Engine (ECE) including the migration of the entire pipeline framework.

Upon completion, MTS will be among the first customers globally to migrate to BRM 7.5 including the Elastic Charging Engine (ECE). This new charging environment will allow MTS to drive innovations that will provide a differentiated solution and continue to place MTS at the forefront of wireless mobility providers in Manitoba.

Why ENABIL Solutions Ltd

For over 25 years, ENABIL has been providing mission critical telecom solutions for their customers. Since 2001 ENABIL has been the global leader in deploying Customer Management and billing solutions which leverage the Oracle telecommunications suite of products. ENABIL was the first System integrator to implement BRM for convergent voice and data services into a wireless carrier and once again ENABIL is the first independent systems integrator to deliver a convergent charging lab and deliver the next generation convergent charging expertise for the Oracle communications suite of products.

To learn more about how your organization can take advantage for the Convergent Charging Center of Excellence Please contact *protected email* or call us at 1-866-565-1438 or (403) 398-1600.